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24 Hour Emergency Dental Care At Affordable And Competitive Costs

Can’t sleep or can’t eat because of an aching tooth? Got into an accident that knocked out a tooth or more? Lose a crown or broke a bridge? Got bleeding gums that would not stop? Whatever the emergency, you can rest assured there’s a 24-hour dentist in North London that’s always ready to help you with your problem. No matter what time of day it is, every day of the year, Smiles By Hillside’s highly qualified team of dental professionals are on hand, fully prepared to give you the emergency care your particular situation demands.

Although there are many types of dental emergencies, pain and broken teeth are the most often cited reasons by those in search of a 24-hour dentist in North London. In many cases, there is infection or inflammation of the pulp or nerve of the tooth, thereby causing the toothache. If left untreated for days, there may already be abscesses or worse, conditions like cellulitis where the inflammation has already spread to surrounding tissues. Pain and swelling that is caused by a tooth with a deep cavity is due to bacterial infection of the tiny nerves and blood vessels within the tooth. Sometimes, there is also swelling of the gums, as when plaque and debris which have not been regularly cleaned out accumulate and get clogged in the gum lines. Take note that swelling of the gums and surrounding tissues can be very dangerous. If allowed to go unattended, the infection can spread to other parts of the head and neck and become life-threatening.

On the other hand, immediate action must be undertaken in cases where teeth have been knocked off. If you want to save them, and you can get to a 24-hour dentist in North London in time, there’s a chance they can still be reattached. However, dental experts recommend you take the following steps: First, find the detached tooth and holding it by the crown, rinse it with plain clean water. Do not scrub the root or remove any tissue fragments. Place the tooth back into the tooth socket, or keep it held inside your cheek. Alternatively, place the tooth in a small container of milk (or warm water with a pinch of salt). If you reach Smiles By Hillside’s within an hour, there is a possibility they can replant the tooth back. In cases, where the teeth have not been knocked off but has been partially dislodged, you should also see your dentist right away. Our 24-hour dentist in North London should be able to fully restore them safely.

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes and they can be relative, but they will always involve you being in stress or pain or your dental health being at immediate risk.  If you are uncertain whether your dental problem is an emergency, please call us at Smile by Hillside and let us know what you are experiencing. Injuries like a chipped tooth or a lost filling may seem small to you, but if you do not act quickly, they can aggravate into bigger problems requiring more extensive, and more expensive, treatments.