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Dentist: The Most Effective Diagnostic and Treatment Options

If you’re new in the area, there’s a good North London dentist for you and your family at Smiles by Hillside which you will be very comfortable working with for your regular and special dental needs. Smiles by Hillside can offer the most comprehensive dental care which you and your family are looking for, with services ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. For your general dental care, take note that experts recommend you visit your dentist regularly every six months or oftener for general cleaning and thorough checkup. These regular checkups are important not only for your oral hygiene but also, more importantly for the prevention and early detection of serious health issues like gum disease, even oral cancer. Often, such dental visits can also yield clues to other more serious health problems like heart diseases and diabetes.

At Smiles by Hillside, you can be sure that your North London dentist will continually strive to provide you and your family with personalised dental care, taking into consideration prevention and maintenance of your oral health, the most effective diagnostic and treatment options, and individualised aesthetic ideals. Using advanced technology and proven techniques, your North London dentist can achieve assured results supported by over 30 years of experience. With regular dental visits at Smiles by Hillside, your North London dentist can monitor your oral health and manage dental problems before or as they arise. It may be that you or your child already has a broken or missing tooth, a cavity, or other type of dental problem that requires treatment.

When deciding whether or not you should schedule regular visits at Smiles by Hillside to see your family North London dentist, always remember that it is much easier, and less costlier, to prevent health problems than to repair them. Also, poor oral hygiene can lead to serious complications like bone loss, gum disease, and infections. Your family North London dentist can help in the early detection of oral disease and prevent oral hygiene problems that may lead to such complications with tooth decay prevention through fluoride treatments and teeth cleanings. Of course, in addition to cleanings and checkups, your general North London dentist can also offer other in-office services at the Smiles by Hillside such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening, extractions, root canals, dentures, dental implants, braces, dental bridges, crowns, porcelain veneers, smile makeover and other cosmetic dental services as well as treatments for all kinds of dental emergencies.

In the case that this will be your first time to visit Smiles by Hillside, it may be advisable to be prepared to share your medical and dental history with your new North London dentist along with a list of any problems you may wish to discuss. After the initial exam, which may include a full set of dental X-rays, a visual dental exam and a teeth cleaning, your dentist will likely present a treatment plan. It is important to ask any questions you may have at this point about the treatment, schedules, and cost so that you can plan accordingly. For specific treatments like root canal or wisdom teeth extraction, make sure to tell your dentist about any medication or supplement you are taking which may affect the outcome. At Smiles by Hillside, your individual treatment plan will include an outline and discussion of costs. Smile by Hillside offers a range of 0% and low interest funding options.

Dr. Terry Majithia

Dr Tarun (Terry) Majithia, principle dentist of Smiles by Hillside since 1980, began his career in dentistry after graduation in 1972 from University College Hospital. Completing his primary FDS coursework as the Royal College of Surgeons, he then pursued LDSRCS coursework at Royal Dental College at Leicester Square. His first practice was established in London's famous Ladbrook Grove, with his second and third practices being located in Mill Hill and Colindale.

The Smiles by Hillside practice has successfully grown since Dr Terry's takeover in 1980, as well as expanding and refurbishing the clinic premises to accommodate that growth, becoming an advanced dental centre known for excellent advanced treatments and techniques.

Embracing the importance of continued education and training, Dr Terry pursues skill update opportunities at every opportunity. Over the years, he has expanded his skills set through coursework, seminars, and conferences on dental implantology, occlusion, veneers, porcelain bonding, and botox, learning from esteemed dentistry leaders such as the Larry Rosanhal Institute, the Munich Implant Conference, Implantologist expert - Dr Stephan Phelan, Andre Sadum in Paris, and Dr Bo Ibson of Santa Barbara, California.

Dr Terry believes excellence in dentistry is attainable with an extraordinary team of professionals. To that end, he brought in associate Dr Rena Uberoi, who has been with the practice for nearly 20 years.