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Ensuring Root Canal Treatment Procedure to Be a Smooth One

Does your tooth ache unbearably when you chew or bite something? Is there already visible discoloration of the tooth? Do you have swelling and tenderness on the surrounding gums? It may be that you need to visit your dentist for root canal treatment. For those in the area, root canal treatments North London can be availed quickly and easily at Smiles by Hillside in Mill Hill. Root canal treatments are recommended when the root and blood supply system of a tooth becomes infected. The infection may be the result of decay in the tooth or an untreated injury to a tooth.


Root Canal Treatment in Finchley

Once a tooth’s nerve tissue is damaged, it breaks down, after which bacteria grow and multiply within the pulp chamber. The bacteria and other the decayed debris in the chamber can cause an infection and the tooth becomes abscessed. When a tooth is abscessed, there is a plus-filled pocket that forms at the end of the roots of the tooth. In addition abscess, unless you get root canal treatments North London from your Smiles by Hillside dentist, an infection in the tooth cavity can cause swelling that could spread to other areas of the face, neck or head, bone loss to the surrounding area of the root tip, even a burst at the skin of the gums or cheek due to pus building up and not being drained properly.

During your root canal treatments Mill Hill by your Smiles at Hillside dentist, the infected nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed. Following that, the tooth is restored with a filling or crown for protection. Once restored, the tooth will be as good as it was before the infection. Without the treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become even more infected and abscesses will form. Depending on your tooth’s condition, root canal treatments North London is just like a regular tooth filling procedure and it can typically be completed within one or two session’s in-office at Smiles by Hillside.

Root Canal Treatment in Barnet

Root canal treatments North London helps you keep your natural smile and limits the need for ongoing long-term dental work. With proper care, teeth that have had root canal treatment usually last just as long as other natural teeth. It is a better alternative to having an infected tooth extracted, which can leave a gap that in turn can overstress or cause the other teeth to shift and loosen. Moreover, with root canal treatments North London, you can possibly avoid having to undergo the more expensive dental implant procedure or get fitted with a bridge or denture later.

The cost of your root canal treatments North London depends on how complicated the procedure will be and the time that is needed. Teeth with multiple canals, like the back teeth will take more time especially if there are extra or unusually shaped canals. Restorations and filling material may also need to be removed to reach the root canal. Usually your dental insurance will cover part or all of the cost for the treatment. With Smiles by Hillside, root canal treatments North London can be provided at reasonable, affordable rates. Your individualized treatment plan will include an outline and discussion of costs. Smile by Hillside offers a range of 0% and low interest funding options that allow you to spread the cost of your dental treatment over affordable monthly payments.

Dr. Terry Majithia

Dr Tarun (Terry) Majithia, principle dentist of Smiles by Hillside since 1980, began his career in dentistry after graduation in 1972 from University College Hospital. Completing his primary FDS coursework as the Royal College of Surgeons, he then pursued LDSRCS coursework at Royal Dental College at Leicester Square. His first practice was established in London's famous Ladbrook Grove, with his second and third practices being located in Mill Hill and Colindale.

The Smiles by Hillside practice has successfully grown since Dr Terry's takeover in 1980, as well as expanding and refurbishing the clinic premises to accommodate that growth, becoming an advanced dental centre known for excellent advanced treatments and techniques.

Embracing the importance of continued education and training, Dr Terry pursues skill update opportunities at every opportunity. Over the years, he has expanded his skills set through coursework, seminars, and conferences on dental implantology, occlusion, veneers, porcelain bonding, and botox, learning from esteemed dentistry leaders such as the Larry Rosanhal Institute, the Munich Implant Conference, Implantologist expert - Dr Stephan Phelan, Andre Sadum in Paris, and Dr Bo Ibson of Santa Barbara, California.

Dr Terry believes excellence in dentistry is attainable with an extraordinary team of professionals. To that end, he brought in associate Dr Rena Uberoi, who has been with the practice for nearly 20 years.