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Smile Dental: Guaranteed To Bring Out Your Best Smile Ever

Smiling does help you get ahead in life. If you are insecure with how your smile may seem to others because you are embarrassed with how your teeth look, just come and visit the smile dental London makeover specialists at Smiles by Hillside in Mill Hill. Whether what you want are just a few minor changes to the front of your teeth or a complete full-mouth smile transformation, Smiles by Hillside can promise you comfortable, long lasting and affordable dental solutions that is guaranteed to bring out your best smile ever.

With a host of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments available, the smile dental London makeover specialists have the professional tools, experience, and skills necessary to transform your smile.  From teeth whitening to dazzling porcelain veneers to crowns and dental implants, your Smiles by Hillside dentist can create a treatment plan with you that will ensure that you realise your dream smile.  Your vision of that smile will guide the way as treatment options are discussed and your needs – and budget – are listened to and followed. At Smiles by Hillside, your smile dental London makeover specialists understand the importance of a beautiful, healthy looking smile and can help you design the smile you desire, one that reflects your personality and self assurance.

A smile makeover at Smiles by Hillside can involve many different areas of dentistry including orthodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dental procedures, braces, implants, dental bonding, crowns, veneers, and whitening. The actual treatment you will get and its cost will depend on what your goals are, your level of expectation of perfection, and how difficult or easy you want your treatment to be. However, the first step will always be a comprehensive exam and personalized consultation with a smile dental London makeover professional. During this process, you will be asked to disclose what you want fixed, how many and which teeth you want treated. Of course, how many teeth you want treated may in turn depend on how many and which teeth you show when you smile, whether there is discoloration or unsightly crowns, how crooked they are, whether there are any chipped or missing teeth, and so forth. When you come in as a patient, be ready then to tell your attending dentist what you think is wrong with your teeth and your smile and what you want him to do about them. Usually after just one meeting, you can get a good estimate from the dentist on how much your smile dental London makeover would cost you.

Generally, treatments for smile dental London makeovers at Smiles by Hillside would cover such procedures as repairing chipped or broken teeth, changing the shape and size of teeth, straightening crooked or crowded teeth, restoring neglected teeth, replacing missing teeth, whitening discolored teeth, closing gaps and spaces between teeth and aligning some protruding teeth. At Smiles by Hillside, the treatment is always tailored to specifically match each patient’s individual needs and expectations. It may be that some may need only one procedure to make over their smiles while others may require a combination of treatments. In any event, the goal is to empower each patient with a winning smile by giving him or her teeth that are as white, straight, and smooth as possible. Smile dental London makeovers require application not only of technical skills but also an artistic touch in order to create truly beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dr. Terry Majithia

Dr Tarun (Terry) Majithia, principle dentist of Smiles by Hillside since 1980, began his career in dentistry after graduation in 1972 from University College Hospital. Completing his primary FDS coursework as the Royal College of Surgeons, he then pursued LDSRCS coursework at Royal Dental College at Leicester Square. His first practice was established in London's famous Ladbrook Grove, with his second and third practices being located in Mill Hill and Colindale.

The Smiles by Hillside practice has successfully grown since Dr Terry's takeover in 1980, as well as expanding and refurbishing the clinic premises to accommodate that growth, becoming an advanced dental centre known for excellent advanced treatments and techniques.

Embracing the importance of continued education and training, Dr Terry pursues skill update opportunities at every opportunity. Over the years, he has expanded his skills set through coursework, seminars, and conferences on dental implantology, occlusion, veneers, porcelain bonding, and botox, learning from esteemed dentistry leaders such as the Larry Rosanhal Institute, the Munich Implant Conference, Implantologist expert - Dr Stephan Phelan, Andre Sadum in Paris, and Dr Bo Ibson of Santa Barbara, California.

Dr Terry believes excellence in dentistry is attainable with an extraordinary team of professionals. To that end, he brought in associate Dr Rena Uberoi, who has been with the practice for nearly 20 years.

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