Dental crowns are a restorative cosmetic dental solution that consist of tooth-shaped ‘caps’ that fully encase teeth and strengthen as well as improve the appearance of your teeth.

Often recommended if you suffer from fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth, your Smiles By Hillside dentist may recommend dental crowns for specific dental issues, such as:

  • Substantial fillings – the natural tooth has lost the majority of its structure to do extensive tooth decay – a dental crown will restore functionality and strength to that tooth
  • Following root canal treatment – teeth structures may be compromised and prone to chipping – a dental crown protects and preserves the tooth
  • Dental bridges – dental crowns protect teeth adjacent to the bridge and offer support for the bridge
  • Resistant stains – certain drugs (antibiotics, for example) and other circumstances may produce teeth staining that cannot be eliminated through usual teeth whitening treatments
  • Fracture and chip-prone teeth – many health concerns, such diabetes, and dietary habits, such as crunching on ice cubes, as well as simply getting older, can compromise the structural integrity of teeth

Dental crowns are made of the highest grades of dental porcelain or appropriate, safe-mouth metals such as stainless steel and precious metals.  Each crown is created using exacting measurements to ensure a perfect fit and full functionality, with accurate fully-aligned bite and attractive aesthetics.

When functionality and tooth strength is compromised, your ability to chew food properly can be affected. Additionally, your sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and foods can be heightened.  Dental crowns offer your teeth protection that will free you from such concerns and enhance your quality of life.

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