Tooth loss can have a tremendous affect on us. Whether sustained suddenly, as with an injury or through the slower degeneration of tooth decay or gum disease, losing teeth can alter how we speak, eat, or do simple tasks such as nipping a thread. If the lost tooth is visible when we smile, it will ultimately have a negative effect on our self-esteem and impair our desire to give the world a confident, friendly smile.

Smiles by Hillside offers several tooth replacement options, from full and partial dentures to the fully restorative solution accomplished with dental implants.

Dental Implants in Mill Hill

Dental implants offer the singular benefit of being a permanent tooth replacement therapy capable of restoring the natural look and functionality of your own teeth.  This is accomplished through the design and placement of your dental implant, replacing your lost tooth from root to crown, as a permanent structure bonded to your jaw bone.

Designed as a complete replacement for your missing tooth, your dental implant is unique to you and will match your existing teeth in colour as well as your lost tooth in shape, size and location.  Dental implants accomplish their stability and permanence by placing their core element, tiny titanium rod that functions as your new tooth root, into your healthy jaw bone.  Once implanted by your highly skilled Smiles By Hillside dentist in a brief surgery, usually performed using local anaesthetic, the titanium implant root will integrate and bond with your jaw bone.  This bonding creates the perfect, permanent foundation for placing your replacement tooth.

Dental implants are a safe, highly successful tooth replacement therapy that

  • are indistinguishable from your natural teeth
  • provide the same functionality as your natural teeth
  • do not damage neighbouring teeth
  • transmit even chewing forces, preserving the structure and integrity of your jaw bone
  • look completely natural
  • require the same oral care as your natural teeth

Your dentist will evaluate your tooth loss and determine your jaw bone density through a thorough exam, including a consultation that clearly explains the steps involved in your dental implant treatment plan.

The cost of your complete dental implant restoration is dependent upon different factors in your treatment plan and can vary from person to person.  Your individual treatment plan will include an outline and discussion of costs.

We would be delighted to arrange a consultation appointment so you can learn more about dental implants as your tooth restoration solution.


Representative example. Treatment cost £2500.00 repayable over 60 months with monthly repayments of £52.48. Total sum payable £3148.80 including interest of £648.80. Interest rate 9.9%APR fixed

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