Periodontic Treatment Fees
Consultation including X-Ray’s and full reports From £140.00
Non surgical periodontal treatment From £240.00 per quadrant
Maintenance reviews, Including radiographs and report From £110.00
Periodontal Surgery POA


Endodontic Treatment Fees
Endodontic Consultation From £85
Intra Oral radiographs £0.00
40×40 CBCT(if required) From £90
Radiologist report (if required) From £65
Root canal treatment
Incisor / Canine From £625
Premolar From £715
Molar From £865
Single use of instruments (as advised by UK Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC) May 2006) £40
Root canal re-treatment
Incisor / Canine From £665
Premolar From £765
Molar From £915
Single use of instruments (as advised by UK Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC) May 2006) £40
Review From £60
Surgery From £790 (based on complexity)
Post removal From £110
Management of Separated instrument may incur an additional fee
Prosthodontics & Restorative Treatment Fees
Clinical Assessment (inc all 2D x-rays) From £140
Advanced Planning From £485
Other procedures POA (based on complexity)
Dental Implant Treatment Fees
Clinical Assessment (inc all 2D x-rays) From £140
Dental Implant From £1,740
Implant crown From £1,000
Replacement of Multiple Teeth – prices vary from one case to another depending on case complexity
2 implants to support a lower denture using locators From £4,500
Bone grafting (using allografts) From £485
Sinus lift (lateral window approach) From £1,200 (including all biomaterials)
Oral Surgery Treatment Fees
Consultation including radiographs From £45
Extractions From £170 (dependent on complexity)
Wisdom teeth From £180 – £260 (dependent on complexity)
Intravenous sedation From £300 per hour
Other procedures POA
Orthodontic Treatment Fees
Consultation From £40.00
Review From £40.00
Records From £40.00
Retainer Check after 1 year From £40.00
Removable appliance From £840.00
Functional appliance From £1240.00
Single jaw fixed appliance *
Metal From £2500.00
Clarity From £3000.00
Upper and lower jaws Fixed *
Metal From £3740.00
Clarity From £4500.00
Metal/Clarity (one arch each) From £4000.00
Invisalign single jaw
I7 (7 aligners mild cases) From £1300.00
Lite (14 aligners) From £2240.00
Invisalign Both arches
I7 From £2500.00
Lite From £3000.00
Full From £4240.00
Bonded retainers per arch From £265.00
Dental Hygienist Treatment Fees
Direct Access Initial Visit (Assessment and Basic Hygiene Treatment) From £50.00
Basic Oral Health Treatment From £65.00
Children’s Hygiene (under the age of 12) From £40.00
Comprehensive Oral Health Treatment From £90.00
Advanced Oral Health Treatment including Tongue Hygiene From £115.00
Periodontal / Implant Maintenance From £140.00
Periodontal Debridement (Per Quadrant) From £165.00
Cone Beam CT Scan
Single jaw / sectional scan without report From £140.00
Single Jaw / sectional scan with report from consultant radiologist From £185.00
Maxilla and Mandible without report From £200.00
Maxilla and Mandible with report from consultant radiologist From £240.00
Facial Aesthetics
Areas Women
1-area From £190
2-areas From £255
3-areas From £285
Areas Men
1-area From £250
2-areas From £315
3-areas From £345
Women & Men From £440

Women & Men
Price dependent on your symptoms From £440
(NB You will need to bring a letter from your GP confirming you have been diagnosed with chronic migraine and that all other causes of headaches have been excluded)
Women & Men
Lip enhancement / Naso-labial folds / Peri-oral rejuvenation From £290

Paying for your dental care

We provide a range of ways to pay for your dental care and accept payment in cash, by cheque, credit and debit card (not American Express) or by one of our financial packages. For your initial consultation appointment, payment is taken at the time of booking. If you choose to have your treatment at Smiles by Hill Side, a deposit of 50% is taken at the time of booking the appointment and the outstanding balance at the end of each appointment. These fees are non-refundable unless you cancel with more than 48 hours’ notice (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).For example, an appointment for Monday must be cancelled by Wednesday 5pm latest. Please be aware a fee of 8% interest will be applied to all late payments.

Reasons for taking Pre-payments

We have a practice policy of taking payments in full for all consultations at the time of booking the appointments. We also take deposits towards all treatments at the time of booking your follow-up appointments.

The reasons for these are as follows:

  • To ensure we do not get last minute cancellations or no-shows with our team.

  • The consultation appointments are tailored to ensure sufficient time (between 30 to 60 minutes) is allocated to patients to address their concerns and carry out a detailed clinical assessment. On occasions where patients have failed to attend an appointment, this increases our inefficiencies as a service and results in an increased waiting times to see other referred patients who could have been seen in this time slot instead.

  • To provide a fair, efficient service to all our patients and referring dentists.