Root canal treatments are recommended when the root and blood supply system of a tooth becomes infected. The infection may be the result of decay in the tooth or an untreated injury to a tooth.

We understand the threat to your oral and overall health that a severe oral infection can represent and will work closely with you to ensure you are well-informed about your root canal treatment process. Your Smiles by Hillside dentist is aware that many people may have concerns or even be fearful of having a root canal treatment done. To alleviate such concerns, your dentist will use every possible option available to make your treatment comfortable and apprehension-free.

Root Canal Treatment in Mill Hill

Root canal treatments are completed to arrest the further development of infection in your tooth, which can lead to abscess and even loss of your tooth or jaw bone.  Saving your tooth and avoiding further complications from the infection are the primary goal.  Your dentist will discuss the particulars of your case and explain the benefits of utilising a root canal treatment.

Your root canal treatment will involve several steps, can often be completed in one visit, but may require additional visits depending on the severity of the infection.

Root Canal Treatment in Barnet

  • Topical and local, injectable anaesthetics are administered, as well as any recommended sedation
  • Infection is removed from the root canal
  • Tooth root is cleaned and shaped before filling to prevent further infection

You will be guided through follow up care and encouraged to contact us if you encounter discomfort or have other concerns related to your root canal after your treatment is completed. Your infection may have affected your overall health, reducing the effectiveness of your immune system somewhat, so it is important to follow your dentist’s care instructions, get rest, and stay hydrated.

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