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Teeth Whitening Treatment

extreemly safe

Completed in 1 Hour


Immediate Results

What is Teeth Whitening?

We use an industry leading method of teeth cleaning/whitening with apparent brilliant and rapid results.

The procedure must only be performed by a registered dentist, oral hygiene specialist or dental hygienist as it is a technical and challenging procedure, and while it is perfectly safe when done as intended, it can cause problems if performed by an untrained professional.

We use a 6% hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed visible LED light lamp to produce maximum white results in the shortest period of time. We guarantee minimum 6 shades whiter, most of the patients go to 10 shades whiter, it depends from patient to patient, but it is very natural looking unlike the look achieved by veneers, unnatural.


Teeth Whitening Fairies will promise to make your teeth look amazing after just one session!

Removes Stains

Increase Confidence

Increases Self Esteem

No More Camera Shy

Whiter Brighter Smile

Smiles Reduce Stress

What is Teeth Whitening?

Your teeth are more susceptible to stain for up to 48h after treatment.

For the following 48h after treatment you must:

Food and drinks that may be consumed:

For sensitivity:

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