Written Testimonial

Thank you Terry for this morning. It is now more than twenty years since you mounted new crowns over my yellow, misshapen teeth and gave me a fresh lease of life for my retirement. My big confident smile has said it all. I wish I had done it years earlier. Joan

I came to see Dr Terry for my daughter. She is 6 years old and after being at an NHS dentist, she was very scared. Having an emergency, I desperately checked on google for the best dentist on my area. I found Smiles by Hillside and I wanted to come specially because they have a laser therapy.

When we arrived my daughter started to cry and she didn’t even wanted to seat for check up. As soon as the doctor showed her how laser is working and is not pain at all she started to love it. She had a very difficult filling to be done, very close to the nerve. Amazing she hasn’t had any pain and she loves coming every time now to see the dentist!


If anyone is scared of classic treatment, now you can choose the best option by doing laser treatment!


I cannot thanks enough to Dr Terry and his employees for the big help they did to my daughter!!


Thank you everyone!!!